Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Reaching for your Dreams

My 20 time process has not been what I planned it to be, but Mrs. Anderson has taught us that it's okay if our ideas have failed. The lesson in the end is that when you mess up learn from it, and thats what 20 time means to me. 20 time is also about your passion and reaching out of your comfort zones to achieve them. For example I have a fear of talking on the telephone, my voice gets high pitched, I forget what I'm saying, and I can't feel my legs. 20 time has helped me start to overcome my fears, and it also helped me to mature.

My 20 time project has been abandoned, sadly. My idea of collecting books and donating them to a thrift shop was a good idea in my head because everything was easy and it all worked perfectly. Little did I know dreams don't always come true. Although if you have determination you can chase after your dreams and try to grasp on to it, and then something always goes wrong. 20 time teaches you to keep trying, to keep pursuing your passion. I have a partner who has a lack of responsibility I had to put in more effort to try and accomplish my passion. I'm also very passionate about making videos, so I took advantage and put this video together to encourage people to donate books.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Getting onto the Right Tracks

The information that I found, can help others by getting them on the right tracks to being successful. It shows them useful information such as what classes they should take. My information also compares high school teachers and elementary teachers. This is useful because most people (like me) who know that they want to be a teacher, but they don't know what grade, what subject, ect. Also the information that I found compares the amount of money each teaching position makes. In general the information that I found will help the audience decide what teaching option they want.
As for my 20 Time project my partner and I are still trying to set up a meeting with Mr. Hamm. We would've had this done already if it was not for my partner, who decided not to tell me that we had our appointment set up and made. It irritates me when people let me down because not only is our project behind, but it makes me look bad by not showing up to the meeting. So we can not move on our 20 Time project until we have that meeting.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finally Waking Up

I think a teaching career will be a good fit for me. As much fun as an elementary teacher sounds I think I'll have to pass. Even though they generally get paid more than a highschool teacher, I don't think I'd like having to take care of little kids who peed their pants, or sobbing kids because they didn't get their favorite color crayon. I think if I wanted to babysit little kids I think I would be a day care worker instead, or a nanny.

Now as highschool teacher I could see myself as, but hopefully the kids are potty trained. As an elementary teacher you can't really inspire young kids. Whereas if I was in a class room with teens maybe I can steer their lives in the right directions. I can encourage them to learn, and hopefully get them to make the right choices. I personally feel like I should have listioned more to my teachers back in middle school. If I would have realized how important education actually is and not worry what "Susan" thought of me then I would be further ahead then where I am now. Thankfully I have finally woken up and realized in highschool. So now I'm striving to learn everyday, because it can all help me become being a teacher.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Turning my Passions into my Career

My passions as you know involves children and reading. But you might not know that in the future I would like to pursue to be a teacher. I still have yet to decide whether I want to go be a history or a language arts teacher. Which ever I decide I will still get to use my passions because history involves reading and learning about the past. Also a language arts teacher or an english teacher obviously revolves around reading. More importantly both jobs will let me work with children. I was also looking into maybe becoming a children's author because then I could use my creative skills and write what would be suitable for kids.

I feel like when I researched more about becoming a teacher I got more inlove with the fact of being a teacher. What I liked about the research that I found was that their are many options and schools that I could go for. What I didn't like was the salary of a teacher, but that doesn't really bother me that much because I can still be with my passions, and I'd rather be with my passions then with whatever amount of money I make. I also did a little research about being a children's author but it the research didn't make me feel as if a children's author would suite my other personal interests.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Lesson

A very valuable lesson that I learned through 20 time this far is always have a backup. Always having a back up is the most important lesson because if the Salvation Army didn't work we would need a backup. Without the Salvation Army's approval our project would not be complete because most of our project is based on an organization. Also we did not have a strong back up because we could not think of another organization that would accept the donations that we were collecting. Our next best plan was a website, but the website itself was confusing and not the type of program that we were looking for.
Highschool is like a training program for our lives. Everything that we learn in highschool will help us for the near future. The lesson of, always having a backup, will help me in other classes. It will help me because, using the technology that we are provided has been a blessing, but they do not work 100% of the time. So by using this lesson having a backup will benefit every class in case a project of mine on my iPad crashes. This lesson will also help me in my life because, whatever job I have my boss will be expecting me to complete my job, and if my plan A fails I can use my plan B.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Out Sick

On pitch day I was unfortunately absent due to a major headache and cold.  I could not get out of bed because my head hurt so bad. So I thought I would rest out the cold and show up to school later, so that way I can still come in and present. Well, turns out I was not feeling any better, in fact I felt even worse. So since I did not go to school the only thing that I had to do for my project was share a video to my partner.

By the time I sent the video it was 1:58, which meant I had to minutes to spare until my partner presented. I wish I could have been there because I feel guilty. This is because my mom was suppose to see me present but since I was ill she didn't go. Also another reason why I was guilty was because my partner had to present alone, and I over heard her iPad was on only 10% for our presentation. So, I wonder how her Pitch day went?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Taking a Step Back

Everyone that we needed to contact in order to make our project a success has contacted us back. Something that has helped me is the use of technology, without it I wouldn't of been able to contact the Salvation Army. Something that I learned about myself is that if I set my mind to something then I can do it. Just like making a professional appointment to meet with our principal. My stagety for working is to write a list of things that need to be done, and I complete each one, one step at a time.

Something that's been easy for me is the technology part of the project. A challenge for me has been trying to talk to our principal, this is because I'm really nervous to talk to someone who's so important and famous. Something I've learned about the real world while doing this project is that not every will be nice. What I mean is, you could be nothing but absolutely nice to someone on the phone, but they still will be rude to you. By this experience I gained the skills of being able to turn the other cheek, and not be rude back.